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This site is intended for the use of licensed cosmetology professionals only. FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $200


The Dip or Drip- Which manicure is the best for me?

So your manicurist has been nudging you to give the latest trend a try and you’re in two minds, unsure whether it’ll be worth the while after all! If you’ve been visiting social media forums like Instagram frequently, by now you’d know how dip powder nails had created quite a buzz in the nail fashion industry. In fact, we’d say this is one of those raging fashion trends right after silicon nail extension and ultraviolet dryers that everyone’s been excited about!

But without adequate knowledge on the who, what, and how of powder polish, you can easily end up with a ‘nail nightmare’! If you’ve considered buying powder gel manicure for yourself, consider breezing through these frequently asked question first-

How is it different?
What makes powder polishes different than your regular liquid ones is that the application method is wildly different. Unlike other gel manicure processes, the powder from your dip polish settles down on its own, making DIY manicures on a lazy weekend really easy! In fact, unlike gel nail polishes you don’t have to rely on UV lights to get the salon-like finish- you can simply dip, dry, and head out.

How do we apply dip powder manicures?
Dip powder polishes are not your everyday rodeo. You start off the same way- with a filer shaping and buffing your nails. Next, you move on to a clear base coat on the nail bed. Now dip your nails in the powder solution, take them out, shake off the excess and apply a clear topcoat. You re-do the process a couple of times until you get the desired color shade and voila! You’re done!

Why do so many women love dip nails over the regular gel finish?
Dip powder nails may not be the cheapest option in your nail manicure menu. However, every dollar and every penny is completely worth it when it comes to powder polishes. While your regular gel polishes don’t think twice before chipping away by the end of the first week of application- your dip powder nails stay with you undamaged till the third week after application! If you’re tired of painting and repainting your nails every time you have to get to a party- dip powder polishes could be a real effort and time saver for you.

A little something to keep in mind-
Dip powder polishes are awesome, we agree! However, before we leave you looking forward to some powder polish purchases, here’s a little piece of advice from our end! Dip polishes, if not purchased from the right brand, can be toxic in nature. In fact, we’ve had friends who complained about their expensive dip powder manicures chipping away within the first few days itself. The trick is to buy the best powder polish dip that there is to ensure your nails remain healthy and happy while you flaunt the latest nail look.

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