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This site is intended for the use of licensed cosmetology professionals only. FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $200


Things You Need To Know About Nail Dip Powder Manicures

As nail art connoisseurs will tell you, dip powder manicures have become a thing. Yes, ladies, the days of getting a regular polish manicure are kind of over. And rightly so! When you have better options to choose from that not only look awesome but also have a nice stay, why bother running to the salon for getting those chipped nail polish taken care of! Although, getting a gel manicure is an option but they eventually lead to fragile nails. Give dip powder manicure a try and trust us, you will not regret it! So, ladies while we tell you more about this, you may get on the internet and buy nail dip powder manicure for yourself and your BFF!

In dip powder manicure, a super pigmented powder is used to color your nails. The procedure is fairly simple, and you may try it at home because it does not require UV light to dry as in case of a gel manicure. You start by cleaning your nails to make sure there is no excess oil. Then, cover your nails in a base coat, this ensures a strong foundation for the dipping powder. This is followed by the application of dipping powder. You may dip your fingers directly into the powder or use a manicure brush for the same. Although make sure that the excess powder does not fall back into the container. Nobody likes infections! A couple of layers of topcoat, followed by a clear powder and a final layer of topcoat. Voila, you now have beautiful nails! While you are looking for dip powders make sure to buy only the best dipping powder nail in supply.

If you are among those who like going to the salon to get your nail art just right, we suggest you choose your salon wisely! Avoid salons where nail professions dip your nails into the container because you are not going to be the only customer to use it! The reason being hygiene. Ask the technician to dust the powder on your nails using a manicure brush instead. You must also avoid using poor quality dip powders as they may be loaded with chemicals that are harmful to you.

We trust Nailsnhanh when it comes to variety and safety. So, if you are planning to buy a nail dip powder manicure kit, check them out! From chisel dipping powder in glitter to ombre, they have it all. They are without a doubt, best dipping powder nail in supply!
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